Photo: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

There is a lot of movement in the New York Knicks. Many free agents are linked to the New York franchise. The Knicks market will, in fact, be based entirely on free agents. Another name the Knicks are interested in is that of Christian Wood. In fact, the Knicks will have a lot of money to spend, despite the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus, and a player, who is very interested to the Knicks, is Wood.

Nothing has been decided

Of course, these are just rumors. We know that the Knicks will have a lot of money to spend and they will focus on free agents, but clearly, we don’t know what those players on which the Knicks will focus first. Wood, however, is among the players that the Knicks follow, for his quality that has been highlighted during this season. Christian Wood is only 24 years old and, therefore, he could be a new arrival for the immediate but also for the future of the Knicks.