Snoop Dogg on Luka Doncic getting a lot of credit for his play: “You, n***a, are nowhere near Moses Malone, mo********er!”

Photo: ClutchPoints

Rap legend Snoop Dogg in his latest appearance on the All The Smoke podcast reacted to the current situation when NBA rookies are getting a lot of recognition despite not playing some extraordinary basketball.

“They [media] are making too much of these new players. They are good, but they are not that good,” Snoop told hosts, and former NBA players, Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson.

“When they [media] are talking Luka Doncic being the best 20 year old, that rub me the wrong way. For one, Moses Malone came out from high school. And you, n***a, are nowhere near Moses Malone, mo********er! He averaged double-double with the Houston Rockets. Then he came to Philadelphia and beat us [Los Angeles Lakers] four games to none,” the musician explained.