Tony Parker
Photo: Julie Jacobson/Associated Press

The president of LDLC ASVEL Villeurbanne Tony Parker claimed that the best solution is to cancel the rest of the EuroLeague season.

“The smartest solution is to cancel the season without a champion nor teams relegated, so we can prepare as soon as possible for the next season. Everyone will suffer big losses,” Parker said to L’ Equipe.

The Spurs legend is confined with his family in San Antonio due to the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the difficulties that may complicate things in the EuroLeague, due to the different health and safety rules in each European country, Parker said “they must stop giving false hope” to the fans.

“It will be even more complicated in the EuroLeague because it depends on more European countries with different health and safety rules,” Parker noted. The EuroLeague Board is expected to further suspend the season beyond Aprill 11 on Wednesday morning.