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The Big Three of the Boston CelticsPaul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen – are one of the most iconic contemporary NBA teams, able to reach two NBA finals (won a title) and in general almost always contend for the title. But, the relationship between the three of them has not always been the best. Above all, following Allen’s decision to sign with the Miami Heat in the summer of 2012. About the consequences of that decision, Paul Pierce spoke to “All The Smoke Podcast”: “There were two fundamental problems with Ray. The first: he went to our rival. LeBron James was the Celtics’ rival, regardless of whether he played Cleveland or Miami. Those were our hardest-hit series. We had just lost to them [in game-7 in the 2012 conference finals], he couldn’t go there”.

Pierce reveals more about Allen

Another reason for their ruined relationship is more personal: “When the Celtics were in talks with him I kept calling him, but he didn’t answer anyone. There were only rumors that he was thinking of going to Miami and he didn’t call me back. There must be some respect, as a companion and as a brother, in order to have a conversation. If you don’t want to play with us anymore, at least let us know. But not saying anything and going to them was a slap in the face, a real lack of respect on the part of a brother. That was my problem with him. Since then we have spoken and calmed the waters. But in the beginning it was disrespectful“.

Finally peace

Peace between the two returned in 2017, when Pierce showed a photo of him with Allen and the phrase “It’s time to reunite the gang … No matter what happened, we have a special bond that can never be broken. #onceacelticalwaysaceltic”. He himself said in the past: “There is no hostility left. When I left I was a free agent. It is demoralizing when certain things are said about you, because when you win a bond it is formed forever. Nothing has changed for me.”