Andre Iguodala Miami Heat
Photo: Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The LA Lakers should have signed Andre Iguodala, according to the former assistant coach of the team Tracy Murray.

The Lakers were aggressively pursuing a trade for Iguodala before the February 6 trade deadline, however the latter decided to join the Miami Heat.

For his part, Murray explained why the Lakers needed Iguodala and why missing out on him was a huge blow to the franchise.

“I would say Iguodala. They need that Championship, MVP, Finals experience. They need somebody that’s going to lock down defensively. Even though their defense is good, he can add to it.

He needs somebody that’s not going to panic in situations during the playoffs. He’s not going to panic. Champions don’t panic. That’s the difference between the people that win and the people that don’t win…champions don’t panic,” Murray said in an appearance on Scoop B Radio Podcast.

The Lakers eventually signed free agent guard Dion Waiters.