KK Igokea achieved a great win over Red Star at home over the last week, and are very close to securing a spot in next season’s Euroleague, but their club’s administration found a bizzare way to celebrtate.

Igokea is the first ever team from Bosnia & Herzegovina to qualify to the new Euroleague (established in 2000) as they are leading the Adriatic League standings (Top 2 of regular season qualifiy). The Republica Srpska based club has been quite the sensation so far featuring a great team.

But, as seen in the video below, the club’s president Goran Dodik (brother of Milorad Dodik, the club’s sponsor) found it appropriate to taunt the visiting Red Star fans with obscene gestures while more home team “fans” joined in the “fun”.


As expected, Dodik has been declared a personan-non-grata in Belgrade.

Editor’s note: As a source has informed us, Dodik has already apologised and stated ready to quit club’s presidency if Igokea’s board of directors ask him to, while stressing out that he is a Red Star fan himself (somehow we find the last point hard to believe).