Olympiacos forward Joey Dorsey declared his unhappiness with the way that the team is coached by George Bartzokas after 18-point home loss to Zalgiris. He also announced the intention to leave Olympiacos and was soon replace by Josh Powell.

It seems that all of the above was just a burst of emotions by Dorsey who now regrets the way that the whole story ended and would like to stay in Piraeus. The player published an official statement via his agency’s website which is below.

“I want to thank Olympiacos, my teammates and my coaches for my experience in Greece the last 10 months. We achieved some amazing things, that I will always treasure. I realize that my behavior was wrong and speaking and acting like I did was something I deeply regret and I honestly want to apologize personally to every single member of the team. I cannot go back and change what’s been done, although I would really like to. I wish I could stay with the team but I understand and respect the management’s decision. A big thanks to the fans that were always warm and passionate to me, I know I let them down as well and I want to apologize to them for my outburst and tell them to stay close and support the team like they know how to do. I want to wish everybody in the club the best of luck for the rest of the season.

Joey Dorsey”