The player comes to Seville to help the team during the absence of Bradley Buckman, who will be sidelined for at least four weeks, and will join Juanjo Triguero in the frontcourt.

Robert Dozier is an american power forward (2’05, 1985) with experience in Europe since he left collegue 3 years ago. He played in Memphis Univerity alongside Derrick Rose and reached the NCAA championship game in 2008, finally lost to the Kansas Jayhawks.

Since then, he has played in Greece and France for Colossus Rhodes, Paok Thessaloniki and Cholet Basket, being a hard-working player who does his job under the boards. He’s a good rebounder and a efficent scorer.

He will surely help Juanjo Triguero to play inside, the main problem this season for Cajasol after the departure of Guille Rubio and Paul Davis. In fact, if Dozier plays well enough to solve that problem, it could mean a goodbye to Bradley Buckman, who is not meeting expectations so far.