Argentina’s Pablo Prigioni has stated that no-one has pubically said they will call it quits just yet.

Speaking after his side’s 109-83 defeat to Team USA in the semi-finals, the 35-year-old Prigioni said that his team were going to continue playing on and that they still have a bronze medal game left to play.

“We will carry on playing,” he said. “No-one in this Argentina team has spoken about retiring or anything. Not even privately. We still have one more game to play here, and we aim to leave London with a medal because we deserve it.”

It has been widely speculated that this will be the last international tournament for Prigioni, but also for Manu Ginobili (35), Andres Nocioni (32) and Leo Gutierrez (34).

Despite Prigioni’s statements, it still looks likely that all four players will call time on their career. Mainly due to the fact that the South Americans still have one more game to play which is the bronze medal contest against Russia on Sunday morning.

“We will go out there and play hard, like it’s a gold medal game,” he said. “We match-up well with Russia, who are a very good side. We have to be on top of our game but we are playing for a medal so we aim to make it hard as possible for Russia.”