Europeans in NBA: Power Ranking

Blogger Dario Skerletic’s take on the best Europeans playing in NBA….

1 Dirk Nowitzki: His game ages well, counting mainly on his own technique, the unstoppable “one foot fade away” is a good example. Maybe he needs a stronger partner in the frontcourt, for sure he will play another three or four years without any problems

2 Pau Gasol: As with Dirk, a style of play based on finesse and technique and barring a trade, a good team to play with. His minutes will decrease but will always be very effective.

3 Andrea Bargnani: Maybe number three is too high for Bargnani as of now, but I believe that Valanciunas will be an ideal partner for him. Without health problems Andrea could explode next season in a much improved team.

4 Tony Parker: In San Antonio the title window is almost close because Duncan has not enough left, as Ginobili. Parker was a perfect second option with a dominant Duncan and an healthy Ginobili – but with the new supporting cast assembled by the Spurs I don’t see much success ahead for the aging Spurs.

5 Marc Gasol: Could his time with Memphis be up? Barring a trade, his numbers will remain similar to now because the Grizzlies have too many options before him on offense.

6 Danilo Gallinari: The Italian forward has a good team in Denver, they play a run-and-gun style of basketball, which is a style suited for him. If he could improve his outside shooting percentages, he could average over twenty points next season.

7 Nicolas Batum: With a new contract there will be more pressure for him. He is not the type of player that take 25 shots every night or that carries an offense, his contribution is all over the court.A steal, a three, deflections, blocks, not things that the average fans notice. Overall still a great player.