Photo: Serbian Basketball Federation

The Serbian national squad started EuroBasket 2021 Qualifications by beating Finland with a score of 80:58.

The team that was selected by the new head coach, Igor Kokoškov, opened the match better than their opponents. The first points in the game were made by Dejan Todorović (3 points). Then Miroslav Raduljica scored 6 points in a raw.

After the great begging of the Serbian team, the home squad scored 7 points. But “the Eagles” went on +9 after 10 minutes all thanks to Rade Zagorac, Aleksa Avramović, and Nikola Rebić.

In the second quarter, guests showed how serious they prepared for Finland and in one moment were leading by 19. It was at 2 minutes till the end of the quarter, but afterward, the home team got back in the match and the result before the second 20 minutes were 37:24 for “the Eagles”.

In the third part of the match, after Finland’s furious start, “the Eagles” took control of the game and finished the quarter with 23 points difference (60:37). In the last 10 minutes, Serbia protected the basket and finished the first game in the Qualifications with a huge victory.

The best scorer in Serbia was captain Miroslav Raduljica with 19 points. Both Rade Zagorac and Aleksa Avramović finished the game with 10 points.

The next opponent of “the Eagles” is Georgia. The game will be held in “Aleksandar Nikolić” Sports Hall in Belgrade, Serbia on Sunday.