Kemba Walker Boston Celtics Charlotte Hornets
Photo: Bleacher Report

Boston Herald interviewed Celtics’ Kemba Walker about his career, time in Charlotte, trade to Boston.

When remembering his time in Charlotte, Walker responded: “I feel like in Charlotte it was tough. You know, we weren’t playing for much, as far as having a real chance to compete for something big. And now, here, we’re up in the East standings. This is by far the best record I’ve ever had since I’ve been in the league. It’s just different.”

“I think those moments in Charlotte prepared me to be able to come into a situation like this. I was on a team where I had to do a lot, and I was basically the main guy, the main focus. And now I’m on a team with a bunch of guys where I’m not the main focus. But my experience in Charlotte has prepared me for this kind of moment,” Walker continued.

Talking about how he feels in Boston, Walker said: “I’m definitely excited that I made the choice to come here, I’ll tell you that much. It’s been great.”