Zach LaVine on Kobe Bryant: “For my generation, [Kobe Bryant] was our Michael Jordan”

Zach LaVine
Photo: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Chicago Bulls superstar Zach LaVine said he decided to keep wearing No. 8 in order to honor the memory of the late Kobe Bryant.

LaVine explained his reasoning during an interview with SiriusXM NBA Radio:

“For my generation, [Kobe Bryant] was our Michael Jordan. Obviously, we all watched Michael Jordan. I watched him on VCRs and stuff like that. But our generation, we could wake up and watch Kobe. You I remember where I was watching some of his games. I was at the game where he hit 12 3-pointers against the Sonics.

He was the reason why I partly wear No. 8. Why would I want to change that just because he’s gone now? You want to keep that memory alive,” LaVine said.