Photo: Juan Ocampo/Getty Images

Minnesota rookie Zach LaVine had his first breakout game in the NBA against Kobe’s LA Lakers. Zach came off the bench and put up 20-plus points through three quarters. Although, the 19-year-old’s career night was spoiled in the 4th, as Bryant locked him up on defense. 

(Via All The Smoke):

“That was actually like my coming out party. That was my first big game, I played against the Lakers at Staples Center. I came off the bench, I had like 25. Kobe was guarding me in the fourth quarter, and he tapped me on the a** and said ‘Keep going young fella.’ It was big for me because I remember Kobe would always guard the best player in the fourth quarter. At that point, he kind of locked me down. I didn’t shoot the ball, I think I shot one or two more times.”