Georgios Printezis, the hero of this last Turkish Airline Euroleague edition is considering taking his talents to NBA according to the Greek media.

The Euroleague final game-winner spoke with Olympiakos website about his options, and he’s still undecided about the future.

Printezis, after some seasons playing in Spain for Unicaja Málaga came back to his home country to represent Olympiakos in a chance to rebuild his career and showcase his talents to NBA teams after being selected in 58th pick overall for the San Antonio Spurs franchise in 2007.

Currently after three trades, Georgios player rights are with the New York Knicks.

Olympiakos forward had a dream season this year, scoring a runner with 1 second left to win the title against CSKA Moscow in Euroleague and winning the greek national championship after defeating Panathinaikos. It was the top story of this season in european basketball without a doubt, after the budget cut that “the reds” suffered they needed to get a lot of playing time for some young players that were remarkable.l

In the interview with, Printezis said “I will talk with Olympiakos and then i will check my other options. NBA is a big challenge but i don’t know what is going to happen. I will listen to Olympiakos offer and then i will decide”.

The priority for the player is Olympiakos for now, but the future will tell us what to expect for him next season.