Zalgiris owner Vladimir Romanov answered a few questions about the season that just ended to the official website of the VTB United league. According to him, the main reason why his team failed to reach quarter-finals and struggled in general was low budget compared to other teams.

“Our economical power was not enough to fight in the League with teams like CSKA, Khimki and UNICS.

“Zalgiris needs a strategical partner, may be from Russia, which would own, let’s say, 50% of our stocks. That would let us compete with European grands”, Romanov hinted at a potential solution which would help increase club’s budget.

Currently Vladimir Romanov holds 75% of Zalgiris shares.

In an interview after Zalgiris triumph in LKL finals, Romanov also stressed the need for his team to have a bigger budget in order to be able to compete with the top teams in Europe.

When asked about the roster for the next season, Zalgiris owner, who is not known for direct answers, said that he wants to see Darjus Lavrinovic and Sarunas Jasikevicius wearing green jerseys.