Basketball is one of the most popular sports games, attracting millions of fans around the world. Therefore, it’s no coincidence that it’s widely in demand in the world of gambling, and bookmakers offer many different bets on basketball. The greatest demand among the players is in the overseas league competitions – NBA and NCCA, Euroleague and some national championships of the Old World. Some bettors even claim that betting rules on NBA, for instance, has some special features.

Basketball Betting: Rules and Features

Bettors also recommend studying the data on each player on the team. Besides, basketball is a sport where no more than 10 players run on the playing hall.

Information about the players is needed for statistics and a detailed analysis of the upcoming match. It takes into account its form, the main statistical indicators, the time that he spends on the site. So, it’s clear that if the team or both rivals are not in the best condition, then it is stupid to count on an effective match. When players are tired and not physically prepared, the total decreases. To score points you must move, attack and throw.

You don’t need to discount other factors when planning bets on basketball – the tournament position of the club, team motivation, match density, results of personal meetings, venue of the game. Because games are often held in regular championships, you can collect very detailed information for each basketball player or club of interest.

Total basketball betting

Total in basketball is the number of points earned by teams and less often other indicators (three-point, block shots, rebounds, fouls, realized penalties). Total bets are popular as bets on the outcome or victory with a handicap, therefore, they are available in all legal offices.

Learn individual totals in the last 5-7 matches of the club. If the composition is optimal, and the average for the season is more than 100, but in 3-4 meetings the team gains less than 100, then this indicates a game recession. Don’t rush to conclude, because of any series end. Take into account the team schedule. For example, 4 games in 4 days, including two long trips, will negatively affect the players’ condition and outcome.

In general, the list of events for basketball is inferior to football in terms of width, since the main emphasis here is on total and odds, and European competitions often have a higher margin than American ones, so the odds are more modest here.

5 tips for basketball betting fans and more

Traditionally, basketball has a wide range of bets that are well known in other sports. The bettors also use predictions and forecasts with the following tips. Use the tips below if you are not just playing for fun, but strive to make betting a source of additional income.

  • Firstly, bets should be made only in those sports that you understand, and play only with money that you can lose without sacrificing your budget. Don’t forget about the careful information searching.
  • The second issue is you need to prove yourself that matches with a 100% guarantee of passage do not exist. Even in a game with an obvious outsider, there are risks of defeating the favorite, and playing at the minimum odds is ineffective, and the risks are higher than the possible gain.
  • Thirdly, when choosing a bookie, you need to choose only among large companies with extensive experience, as they strive to maintain a positive reputation in the market and provide high-quality services.
  • Fourth tip. The bets on a clear favorite are losing over a long distance, as bookies artificially make their winning odds lower, which do not correspond to real chances of winning. It’s much more artificially lower their advisable to bet on an outsider because the odds of it are too high.
  • Fifth, if possible, you should ignore the bets by express trains, since they, with apparent profitability, significantly reduce the risk of winning. Even one losing outcome will erase all the others. Ordinary rates have long been recognized by experts as the best option.

Bonus: what is a live bet?

Bookmakers traditionally accept many bets online, but you must always remember that they are quite risky. In basketball, the course of the game can suddenly turn around 180 degrees and the lagging team for 5 minutes can play a 15-point handicap, stepping forward. Nevertheless, it’s possible to place all the classic bets, as well as many quite exotic ones – totals for the playing time of a particular athlete, as the first/last point will be scored, the number of fouls of a basketball player and some others.

It’s believed that it’s better to bet on live basketball, as judicious, but not strategic, players make bets on the match line. The advantage of basketball in a busy calendar. At the height of the live season in a major tournament, you can play almost around the clock. Most basketball strategies are designed for live sessions because during the match the bookmaker opens up more promising markets for transactions on basketball strategies. The odds in life are lower, but the probability of a bookmaker’s error increases significantly. Also, there were many useful tips and guides for live betting.

All these bets are available in the online bookmaker Parimatch, where you can find out everything about your favorite sport and even try your luck and ability to predict events.