Dragana Stjepanović/Partizan/EuroCup

Nemanja Gordić talked about Partizan’s triumph against Virtus Bologna (99:81) in the first round of the EuroCup Top16.

In the full-packed Štark Arena, Partizan scored an important home win against the team whose head coach is Aleksandar Đorđević. After the win, one of the best players on the court, Nemanja Gordić, shared his impressions about the game.

“The big triumph against an excellent opponent. More or less, we did everything we agreed to do, what we prepared during the last few days. And I think, that was the key to the excellent game. Also, I don’t want to forget about the support we had. Thanks to all our fans. I hope they will recognize the importance of the game against Cedevita on Saturday and that they’ll support us like against Virtus.

One of the reasons for the huge win against the Italian squad, Gordić saw in the tough practices before the match.

“Everything was on our side, but we practiced a lot during these past few days. We prepared very well, we knew what we are expecting. The first game was good, but it is only the beginning of the Top16. I hope we will use energy to continue with great games”, said Gordić whose team was able to stop one of the best players from Virtus BolognaMiloš Teodosić.

“We prepared as much as we could for Miloš (Teodosić). Teo is a virtuoso on the court, but we tried to limit his abilities in offense and defense. We managed as much as we could to do it. He had problems with personal faults and it was visible on the court. It was part of the plan and I am glad we executed it”.

During the whole game, especially in the second quarter, Partizan played excellent in offense as much as in defense.

“Our quality is the extended bench. We, more or less, all spend the same minutes on the court. And whoever steps on the court is ready to give his maximum. Every match some other player pops-up, and it is important to search that one and help him score”, said Gordić who would like to see Virtus Bologna with Aleksandar Đorđević again in Belgrade.

“It will be superb to see them again, both for us and them. And I would like to be like that”, finished Nemanja Gordić his interview after the big triumph.