Fenerbahce vice president on Zeljko Obradovic: “He will continue with us for as long as he wants to”

Zeljko Obradovic Fenerbahce
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Fenerbahce vice president Semih Ozsoy said Zeljko Obradovic will remain with the Turks for as long as he wants to.

“Any kind of statement about him [Obradovic] would be just a formal confirmation. The coach will continue with us for as long as he wants to,” Ozsoy told the Turkish channel Tivibu Spor.

“Sometimes signatures do not mean anything, it is only about the will. Zeljko is really different for us. As I have been saying since Day 1, we have “Before Zeljko” and “After Zeljko” in Men’s basketball branch.

The statement relieved the fans, but it was something that we already have been aware of. Considering EuroLeague, we have 19 more games and we want to win them all. We are ambitious in both Women and Men branches, and we will go until the end,” he added.

The fans and the management of Fenerbahce expressed their full confidence to coach Obradovic, despite the team’s poor start in the EuroLeague (5-10).