It’s the opening day of Eurobasket 2011, and already records are attempting to be broken.

The opening ceremony saw more than 61,000 size-5 basketballs being bounced at the same time for a period of five minutes across the six cities staging the Eurobasket group games.

It was a memorable opening to what many people believe will be the greatest Eurobasket ever. Comments like: “amazing”, “a basketball theme park” and “worth the money just to see the opening ceremony alone” were posted on Twitter and Facebook.

The L.O.C. (Local Organising Committee) has come under criticism over the total cost of the first round alone for Eurobasket. Some fans and journalists have had no choice to watch the event from home, due to the “expensive” cost of hotels and in some cases, the lack of hotels in certain cities.

If the opening ceremony was anything to go by though, those fans and journalists that have travelled to the Baltic nation, will be in for more than a treat.

The world record needs to be verified by the Guinness Record Committee, but it looks certain to break the record held by Poland, after they bounced 30,000 basketballs in seven cities across the country.