After spending a season in France with Chalon, MarQuez Haynes has decided to write a blog for the French website during the EuroBasket in which he’ll compete for the Georgian National Team.

Hello everyone! This is my first entry and i’d like to thank everyone that is reading this for coming along with me on this journey. And a huge thank you to the guys at for letting me share this experience. i will try to update you guys every couple days or anytime something big and exciting happens. Other than that i am definitely going to try to have fun with this and give everyone some insight on what everything is like through my eyes.

I was recently selected to play for the Georgian national team in Eurobasket2011. This is a huge opportunity and something i am extremely excited for. The coaching staff has been amazing and the players have been a joy to work with so far. Not to mention they are an EXTREMELY funny group of guys so we are always laughing. Good times. In addition to that, i also signed to play for Gran Canaria in the ACB next season so right now everything is going great for me in my career. Thank you all for the continued support.

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