In the new issue of the French basketball magazine REVERSE, Serge Ibaka talks about what it means for him to play with Spain at this year’s EuroBasket.

Here are some excerpts.

About his reasons to join Spain:

“Spain has become like a second home for me a new country. If I am the one I am today, it is in part due to my days playing over there. I never stopped learning and getting better when I was in Spain. I felt at home, like a Spaniard.”

“Spain gave me a lot and I thought that the only way to give back was to do it on the court by playing for the national team.”

About what it means to wear that jersey:

“It means a lot, it’s huge for me! It’s a great opportunity. I will have the chance to play with some great players like Pau Gasol, Marc (Gasol), Rudy (Fernandez) and all those guys!”

About Spain’s incredible frontline:

“With all the players we have, Pau (Gasol), Marc (Gasol), Felipe (Reyes) and myself… On paper, that’s a great team. Sometimes, putting big names together is not enough. You have to create chemistry. Otherwise, you can have the best players on the court and not win anything.”

As told to Almamy Soumah.