Photo: Milwaukee Bucks/Twitter

In his standout performance wearing the Bayern Munich jersey, Serge Ibaka delivered an impressive 24 points and 13 rebounds, leading his team to a 90-76 victory over Virtus Bologna.

The game took a thrilling turn in the fourth quarter, with Bayern making a powerful 16-2 run when the score was 72-71.

Within five minutes, they surged ahead to 88-73 with 3:33 remaining, transforming what had been a closely contested battle in the second half into a comfortable win.

Despite Virtus Bologna initially leading by 14 points (23-37) midway through the second period, Bayern mounted a comeback with a 10-0 run, leveling the score at 46 early in the third quarter.

“As a team, we did a great job,” Ibaka said. His team climbed to 5-6. “We started a little slow in the beginning but we kept trusting each other to play the right way. In the second half, we tried to bring the intensity in our defense and that’s why we got the win.”