Photo: Serbian Basketball Federation

The Serbian basketball player Ana Dabović called crowd to join women’s national team in “Ranko Žeravica” Basketball Hall on Thursday against Turkey.

Ana Dabović and the girls are hosting Turkey in Belgrade in the first qualification game for the EuroBasket 2021 and she used the opportunity to call all fans to come and support Marina Maljković’s team.

“Crowd help me a lot, and I suppose other girls too. It is well known that teams with the best fans have great results. Whenever there is a lot of people in sports arena, even if they cheer against me, I have extra motive. In fact, it is fun when there are more people. I like to have more responsibility to show them excellent performance. They can enjoy, and we together with them. Till now, it was always the case. So, I really hope, if arena would be packed, we achieve our goal because it won’t be easy”, said Ana Dabović who was thrilled to see new young faces in the team.

“When I see young players in the team, it is extra motive for me, to be a good example for them. We, more experienced, have a responsibility and feel a need to help them adapt to our system and to feel our energy. They are someone who will inherit us, but I still don’t want to talk about inheritance because we now have the best years. In my opinion, playing after 30s is the best, because player then has enough maturity and experience and really knows the game. That can be visible on the court. It is my opinion. I hope we can teach younger players something and as for now, I like what is going on in the national team. Young players are coming, learning from experienced ones and I am hoping they will continue our path. But, after few more years”, Ana was honest.

One of the best players in the Serbian women’s squad is feeling great and can’t wait to see what will happen in this qualification round.

The girl national team in the last five years won 3 medals, and the last was bronze at the EuroBasket in Serbia this summer. Ana Dabović and her generation are the girls who created the cult of female basketball national team. Because of them, more and more girls are interested in basketball in Serbia.

“When I hear someone saying that we are the ones who are responsible for people paying attention to female basketball in Serbia, I get goosebumps. I think a lot about it, but in order to continue the path we created because everyone expect from us to continue this way. We have three medals from last five years and people will expect more successes from us. I am aware of it in order to motivate myself to be even better. We are the generation who won the first European gold (for Serbia in 2015) and I am glad that lots of girls are here from that team, and we will all continue to grow with newcomers”, finished Ana Dabović her interview for