One of the most promising centers in Europe could become a good source of income for his club. According to LNK News, the buy-out for Jonas Valanciunas demanded by Lietuvos Rytas is 3 million US dollars.

19-year-old Valanciunas is expected to be a top 5 pick in this year’s NBA Draft. However, such a large buy-out might make the player less attractive for the teams that will have high picks.

Lietuvos Rytas on the other hand, would prefer to sell Valanciunas to one of European giants instead. That way the club would be sure to get the money since there’s no limit for a buy-out in Europe.

The rumours appeared last summer suggesting that Greek giants Olympiacos wanted to sign Valanciunas. In addition to that, Rytas’ GM stated that he would love to see Valanciunas spending his entire career in Piraeus.

However, not all depends on Rytas’ wishes. The amount of buy-out must be agreed by the agent of the player. Rytas hired attorney Leon Rose, who represents the likes of Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and LeBron James, in order to negotiate the buy-out amount with Valanciunas’ agent in USA.

Rytas’ urge to receive a large amount of money via buy-out before possible NBA lockout is caused by the club’s troubled financial situation.