Stefan Markovic Virtus Bologna
Photo: 7DAYS EuroCup

Stefan Markovic of Virtus Bologna stated that he and his teammates need to work harder if they want to win the EuroCup.

Here is what the Serbian guard said in an interview with after the first loss of Virtus in the EuroCup (78-69 to Promitheas Patras):

On the loss to the Greek team: “We made a slow start, they jumped on us until the first timeout (10-0), but then we came back with good defence.

Yet, the key was that we did not adjust to their small lineup, when they started switching everything. Compliments to them, they played really well and deserved to win.”

On whether the Italian team will need an adjustment period to reach its full potential: “This is the season, you need to earn every game you step on the floor. There are no victories in advance, just need to grow and fight.

This is a long season, a marathon. This was just one of the races, we did not compete well and did not deserve to win.”

On Virtus being one of the favourites to win the EuroCup: “We always have high goals, but it is too early to say stuff like this. For me, this is a long road we have to pass to get there. We have to earn as many victories as we can and finish on top of the group.”