Svetislav Pesic Barcelona
Photo: Diario AS

The head coach of Barcelona, Svetislav Pesic, addressed the recent political incidents in Catalonia and the general strike on Friday (18/10).

“I am from Yugoslavia, which no longer exists. The situation there was more serious than here. I have many friends in Catalonia, some agree with independence, others do not. I am only a coach, but as people we are all affected by politics.

I believe that this demonstration in Catalonia is positive, because I can not understand the decision of the Spanish Supreme Court.

If violence is avoided, I believe people have the right to demonstrate and make their opinion known, because it is their country.

Catalonia is their country, how can I have an opinion for their home?” the coach of the “Blaugrana” said in the press conference after the victory over ALBA Berlin.

People in Catalonia, and especially in Barcelona, have been demonstrating against the decision of the Spanish Supreme Court to jail nine Catalan separatist leaders.