ImageWe saw yesterday which players topped the list of most minutes of participation per game , and while David Logan and Ibby Jaaber (top 2) seem to do and ok job, there are other that don't perform according to the playing time they see.

We are always talking about the Fantasy Challenge of course and not actual performance. JR Holden for example plays 36.1 minutes in average and scores mere 4.7 IRP. Same goes for Mindaugas Lukauskis and Billy Keys who are also in the top 10 (you can check the full list here ).

That raises an interesting question: Which players actually make the most out of their playing time? Which players score the most IRP per minute of participation? Thanks to that's an easy task.

We do find some unexpected presences in the top 10 if you ask me. One would expect to find Darjus Lavrinovic at top spot, yet he is second with his brother topping the list. Matt Walsh is not in the top 10 either. Instead, there they are: Andrea Crosariol and Dimitris Mavroeidis. Let's have a look at the top 10:

 Player score/minute
 1. Ksistof Lavrinovic 1.356
 2. Darjus Lavrinovic 1.104
 3. Romain Sato 0.957
 4. Andrea Crosariol 0.930
 5. Curtis Borchardt 0.864
 6. Lior Eliyahu 0.863
 7. Dimitris Mavroeidis 0.808
 8. Tiago Splitter 0.803
 9. Terence Morris 0.789
 10. Pete Mickeal 0.769

You can always check the full list here