Nick Nurse Toronto Raptors
Photo: Sky Sports

The head coach of the Toronto Raptors, Nick Nurse, talked about what he expects to see from his players in the post-Leonard era.

Here is what the head coach of the 2019 NBA champions told reporters, including Ed Odeven of the Japan Times and, during a conference call from Quebec City:

On the expectations for the 2019/20 season: “I’ve been using the word ‘opportunity,’ I think that we’ve got some very good players.

Some of the younger guys will get a great opportunity here to expand their roles and possibly do more than they were asked to do a year ago or be allowed to do with the roster composition that we have.

So I’m excited to see guys, a couple of them have been around our team for a couple of years. It’s time for them to get this opportunity.”

On how the Raptors will play in the post-Leonard era: “We played 22 games without Leonard last year, and our team played very, very well in those games (17-5 record).

So again we’re going to have to make sure our defense is solid and maybe improve, and we’re going to have to figure out where that extra scoring is going to come from.”