TalkBasket wishes to all its readers Merry Christmas! (By the way, writing will be lighter during holidays, you know the drill guys, who wants to read about basketball instead of unwrapping gifts anyway?) The “List Man” has made up a list of 10 Christmas films you should not miss, just gather up your family (if they got the stomach for it) and enjoy! No, you will not read about Home Alone here.

10. “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”

This film is pretty much the definition of a typical Christmas family film. Nevertheless it is funny as the plans of the Griswolds to spend a great Christmas at home turns into a disaster by unexpected events and gaffes.


9. “Lassie”

Another take on the classic Lassie the dog story, involving Christmas. Poor in budget and special effects, but rich in sentiment and emotions this is a film about a dog separated from its owners, trying to make it back to home before Christmas, crossing pretty much the entire England.


8. “League of Gentlemen: Christmas Special”

Not exactly a film, but rather a Christmas episode of a TV series (one of the many unknown gems of BBC). Want a taste of off-beat cynical and weird British humour? Did I mention a bit of creepy in that taste? Brace yourselves and enjoy.


7. “The Flight of the Phoenix”

Both the old and the new version of this title were released at Christmas eve. But I’m talking about the real deal here, the 1965 film starring James Stewart. If you are feeling adventurous and want a taste of drama this is the one for you. Don’t watch it if you’re planning to fly during the holidays.


6. “A Christmas Story”

Kid wants a BB gun for Christmas. Hysterical mother (aren’t they all hysterical?) doesn’t think it’s a good idea. This film should be watched by parents and children together every Christmas. A true holidays classic.


5. “Joyeux Noel”

During a Christmas period in the World War I, the French, German and Scottish soldiers have had enough of fighting and decided to get to know each other instead of shooting each other. Christmas and basketball are the only good reasons to stop a war I suppose.


4. “Die Bechtrommel”

A little boy is brave enough to make his own “revolution” in Nazi Germany during World War II, as he does not like what he sees and lives daily. And he uses his tin drum to noise out everything he doesn’t like. A film full of symbolisms, and although it may not look like it, it is a film for grown-ups.


3. “Elf”

A man who was raised as an elf, by elfs, in the North Pole, is now too big to remain there and is sent back to his real father in the U.S. But fitting in, in the real world, is a real challenge. Especially recommended for Will Ferrell fans. (myself included).


2. “Rare Export: A Christmas Tale”

What happens when a crew of oil diggers in Finland discover the body of Santa Claus 486 meters below the surface of a mountain? This Christmas everyone will believe in Santa Claus!


1. “Blackadder Christmas Carol”

Who needs Hollywood when you’ve got BBC right next door? Rowan Atkinson was Blackadder long before he was Mr. Bean… and he was bloody divine at it. This time the good ol’ chap Blackadder realises there is more to be gianed by being a cruel and miserable bastard (forgive the language). 

Bonus: Get to see how Hugh Laurie A.K.A Dr. House and the great Stephen Fry looked like a couple of decades ago.


[edit] Love the British flavour in this, Arkadios. – John