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Monday’s TOP 10 PLAYS

The most beautiful and spectacular episodes from Monday's games. https://twitter.com/i/status/1227223259470450689

TalkBasket presents the Top10 plays of Eurobasket qualifiers (vid)

TalkBasket and Bball Headlines have joined forces and spotted the best ten plays of Eurobasket 2013 qualifying games. Enjoy the video. ...

Southwest Airlines employees know their basketball (vid)

Southwest Airlines employees took a short (or not so short) break from their jobs for some hoops practice. And it turns...

Final Four semi-finals Top5 (vid)

With the first day of Final Four already behind us, Euroleague chose and prepared a video with the Top5 actions of the night...

TB Special: 10 basketball courts from around Europe

More than a year ago I had made a list of 10 basketball courts around the world. This time I will be shopping more...

TalkBasket’s Top 10 Euroleague players of the decade

Last day of decade and the ideal one to present you TalkBasket's Top10 Euroleague players of the decade. There is just one tiny criteria...

10 Christmas films you have to see

TalkBasket wishes to all its readers Merry Christmas! (By the way, writing will be lighter during holidays, you know the drill guys, who wants...

Top 10 summer songs

The "List Man" is back after several months and bares gifts with him! This time he deviates around in his ever-lasting try to find...

*BUMP* TB special: Most fashionable (and screw loose) world leaders

Hello TB fans! Today we introduce a new column, "The Top10 List". This column will be different to what you are used to in...

TB special: 10 basketball courts from around the world

Hello friends! The "List Man" is back after three months and the list of Top10 Most fashionable (and screw loose) world leaders. But this...
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