Michael Roll: “Going on the field and creating is what counts”

Michael Roll Olimpia Milano
Photo: Olimpia Milano

Michael Roll talked about his decision to sign with Armani Milano as well as his role in the Italian team.

Here is what Roll told reporters during his official presentation:

On joining the Italians: “I am very happy to be here. Speaking with coach Messina I saw that he asks for things similar to what Coach Spahija asked at Maccabi, in the sense that he too came from the NBA and had similar requests on how to handle certain situations, similar movements.

I consider myself an intelligent player, who catches the concepts quickly, I just need to be with my teammates, to know where they want to receive the ball, what they want to do exactly and help the team starting from here.”

On his role on the team: “Basketball is increasingly a sport without roles, everyone knows how to do many things and even long ones are technically valid. Playing guard or winger is no different, there are at most a couple of post-up situations that differ.

Apart from that, going on the field and creating is what counts. Playing 2 or 3 is similar, the guards change in the same possession. I know my companions, I’ve seen them for years, I know they have talent, they’re smart, I’m just happy to play with them.”