Bogdan Bogdanovic
Photo: FIBA

Two-time EuroLeague champion JR Holden praised Bogdan Bogdanovic for his performance in the NBA and the Serbian national team.

Here is what the NBA scout of the Detroit Pistons told Sportklub:

“I think that guy has a chance to do something special. He is 26-27 years old, entering the zenith of his career, although in Europe he is already regarded as an experienced player since he has long been a professional.

I like his game a lot because he hasn’t limited himself and you can’t label him – “shooter”, “creator”, “passer”…He does a bit of everything, I like that he can play on multiple positions – he can be a playmaker, he can play without the ball, he can turn into a scorer.

He can also just shoot, to get off screens and shoot. Before Milos (Teodosic) got injured, it was needed even more. What is particularly impressive is that there are no noticeable flaws in his game – some would say defense, but he has made progress there as well.

I’m a fan of his – when he gets in the game, I’m excited to see what’s going to happen and I stay with the TV.”