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Bogdan Bogdanovic

JR Holden on Bogdan Bogdanovic: “He does a bit of everything, I like that...

Two-time EuroLeague champion JR Holden praised Bogdan Bogdanovic for his performance in the NBA and the Serbian national team.

JR Holden joins the 76ers as an international scout

Per Keith Pompey, JR Holden is the new international scout of the Philadelphia 76ers. Holden, who is a EuroLeague...

Holden officially out of Eurobasket

What was rumoured for months now is now official, J.R. Holden will not play for Russia NT in the upcoming Eurobasket. ...

Holden cleared to play

After detailed medical examinations in Duisburg cardiology center German specialists together with doctors of GMS Clinic decided to allow our team’s guard...

Holden’s heart problems keep him out of trainings

Some days ago JR Holden travelled to USA to undergo medical tests. He returned back with two different medical reports from two different and...

CSKA takes on undefeated UNICS without JR Holden

CSKA Moscow will be missing their starting point guard, JR Holden for a second game in a row, this time facing undefeated UNICS in...

JR Holden officially out of Eurobasket 2009

John Robert Holden has officially admitted that he will not be playing for the Russian National Team in the upcoming Eurobasket 2009. Although this was...

CSKA keeps JR Holden

There were many rumours linking John Robert Holden with various teams such as Real Madrid and Olympiacos but in the end the American guard...

Holden is not leaving CSKA Moscow

JR Holden will not be moving to Olympiacos, Real Madrid or any other European club according to Krepsinis.net. 32-year-old American-Russian point guard will be...

Real Madrid not interested in JR Holden

The rumours regarding Real Madrid's alleged interest in CSKA Moscow's JR Holden were dismissed by Ettore Messina himself while talking to 'Sovetskiy Sport'. ...
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