Amidst a tense moment during a timeout, Atlanta Hawks coach Quin Snyder and Bogdan Bogdanovic engaged in a heated exchange, prompting a brief separation.

However, Snyder swiftly downplayed the incident, emphasizing that his relationship with Bogdanovic is “better than good.”

The exchange occurred late in the game as Bogdanovic expressed his emotions by slamming a water bottle and confronting Snyder, but both parties quickly resolved the issue.

Snyder commended Bogdanovic’s performance, emphasizing his contribution to the team’s success and reaffirming their positive relationship.

Bogdanovic echoed Snyder’s sentiments, labeling the incident as nothing more than a “basketball argument,” and reiterated their strong bond.

“We are doing this almost every other minute or we are verbally fighting all the time, which is normal. That means we both care and everyone cares,” the Serbian guard said, per Lauren L. Williams.

“Quin is my guy, for sure. And, he was pushing me through the whole year. We had this like, fights, little fights. It’s normal that happens,” he added.