ImageBefore the first gameday of the European Championship in Poland, the last time that Serbia had beaten Spain was eight years ago in Turkey. That was also the last time Serbs were the 'Kings' of Europe.

Despite achieving the win of the day, shocking many all over Europe, nobody in Serbian NT in Warsaw  believes that the road to the crown is now open, especially head coach Dusan Ivkovic who is far too expirienced to be euforic after one win.

Ivkovic' quote after the game:

"This was just game number one, nothing more. We have a long way ahead of us, the first step was a succesful one. We absolutely deserved the win against Spain, the strongest team in the competition. Our defence was extremely good, so good that we limited such a good offensive team to just 12 points in the first quarter and 11 in the second quarter. I congratulate my players, but there is no time to celebrate. Tomorrow's game  against Slovenia will be extremely dificult."

Serbia 66-57 Spain

Serbia: Tepic 10, Teodosic 4, Paunic 4, Bjelica 2, Markovic 2, Tripkovic 3, Raduljica 2, Krstic 17, Perovic 2, Velckovic 12, Macvan 8
Spain: P. Gasol 9, Rubio 6, Navarro 14, Claver, Reyes 12, Cabezas, Lopez 3, Llull 9, M. Gasol 4, Mumbru, Garbajosa