Watch Eurobasket 2009 LIVE and FREE

ImageWith Eurobasket 2009 tipping off in just minutes, we give you links to watch all Day 1 games LIVE, FREE and legally in HD.

16:30 CET: Greece – FYROM Click HERE
16:30 CET: Russia – Latvia Click HERE

18:15 CET: Great Britain – Slovenia Click HERE
18:15 CET: Poland – Bulgaria Click HERE
19:15 CET: Croatia – Israel Click HERE
19:15 CET: France – Germany Click HERE *

21:00 CET: Serbia – Spain Click HERE *

21:15 CET: Lithuania – Turkey Click HERE *

* Some games will be overlapping other (started earlier) games, so the transmition might not start right away.
** Links might not work in certain countries due to copyrights limitations