Nikola Milutinov Olympiacos
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Olympiacos center Nikola Milutinov talked about playing for Serbia in the Basketball World Cup as well as his presence in the “Reds”.

Here is what the Serbian player told Nikola Stojkovic of Mozzart Sport:

On Serbia’s preparation for the World Cup: “Everything is great. I am pleased with what the team looks like, we see that we are training well. Everyone is committed to the maximum and it is a real pleasure to be here with these guys and the whole team.

The atmosphere is great and everyone is eager to get the guys in the NBA join the team. I think there will be even better chemistry, and energy is even stronger as time goes on.”

On the target of the national team in the Basketball World Cup: “We have not thought about it so far, honestly. First we need to see the 12 players that will be in the squad for China.

Once that is decided, once more is known on the subject, then we will be able to talk about the details. Now we only think about the preparations.”

On the previous season with Olympiacos: “I really had a hard time not competing for the Final Four, and that gave me extra motivation to work harder, progress and grow as a basketball player so that I could help the team reach all goals.”

On his communication with the “Reds”: “I don’t have too much contact with Olympiacos people. There is one physiotherapist who comes to visit me from time to time and see my body condition.

But, from San Antonio, people know and see that they are very professional in Olympiacos and work very well with us. I believe the people of Olympiacos know their job very well.”