ImageGreece and France are the couple of the U20 European Championship Final. In the all-Mediaterranean semi finals Greece came back against Spain in the second half while France demolished Italy. Read the full schedule of the last day.

All results:


Greece 87-76 Spain
France 94-68 Italy

Classification Round for 5th to 8th Place:

Turkey 78-69 Croatia
Lithuania 80-72 Montenegro

Today is the final day of the competition and the full schedule is:


Greece – France (19:00 CET)

Classification Games:

For 3rd to 4th Place: Spain – Italy
For 5th to 6th Place: Turkey – Lithuania
For 7th to 8th Place: Croatia – Montenegro
For 9th to 10th Place: Latvia – Russia
For 11th to 12th Place: Serbia – Ukraine