ImageThe quarterfinals of the U20 European Championship took place today and the four contestants for the three medals of the competition were made known. The four nations are: Spain, Greece, France and Italy.

Obviously the rgeat shock of the day was Lithuania being knocked out by Italy who had previously qualified to the quarter finals at the last day of the second group stage. The results are:

Spain 77-60 Turkey
France 68-47 Montenegro
Croatia 68-77 Greece
Lithuania 68-69 Italy


Spain – Greece
Italy – France

In the Classification Round for 9th to 12th Place Latvia beat Serbia 74-67 and Russia overcame Ukraine 65-54.

Classification Round for 5th to 8th Place:

Turkey – Croatia
Lithuania – Montenegro

Classification Game for 9th to 10th Place:

Latvia – Russia

Classification Game for 11th to 12th Place:

Serbia – Russia

In the meanwhile the final classification for 13th to 16th place is:

13. Slovenia
14. Germany
15. Israel
16. Belgium