Rick Pitino Panathinaikos
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Rick Pitino referred to his decision to not extend his contract with Panathinaikos and part ways with the “Greens”.

Here is what the Hall of Famer coach said in a interview with The Vegas Take:

On his decision to turn down Panathinaikos offer: “I was offered the president’s job as well as the head coaching job of Panathinaikos. If it wasn’t for some personal issues back home with a grandchild and some of my children, I would’ve probably gone back.”

On his plans for next season: “I will take this year off and hopefully the NCAA will get around to speaking with me and find out.”

On his experience in the EuroLeague: “I think certainly Milan and Italy had great food. I loved Moscow. I was shocked at how nice Moscow was and shocked at how nice the beaches were in Tel Aviv.

I wasn’t crazy about Istanbul, just because of the traffic. The European side was a little bit nicer than the Asian side. But you couldn’t move with the traffic. Nobody spoke any English at all.”