NCAA To Allow Basketball Tournament Games

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Apart from these, the breaking news is that the NCAA is all set for its first Basketball championships as the Supreme Court has declared sports wagers to be legal.

However, the concerned governing body of sports is quite apprehensive about the same, but has eventually accepted the verdict made by the Supreme Court.

NCAA had a really tough time in making the sport wagers legal and their efforts went in vain as the Supreme Court denied their request last year. Nevertheless, their efforts eventually paid off as the Supreme Court finally decided to reconsider its decision.

What Does NCCA Have In Store?

Women tournament games and other sports games will be streamed in various places including Mississippi, Washington and more.

The future NCAA tournament games will take place in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Providence and Rhode Island where sports wagers have been legalized.

The NCAA is still in the process of understanding as to how to acknowledge legal bets. The NCAA Vice President stated that “we anticipate that probably by 2020 or 2021 there will be potentially 30 states that are allowing sports wagering.”

Besides these, the governing bodies of NCAA also decided that the new gambling policies will be considered in their next meeting and they will seek guidance and suggestions from the conferences that are not much finicky about the nature of gambling to their events.

Did you know?

The Pac-12 and the West Coast Conference held their men’s and women’s tournaments in Las Vegas recently.

Is Sports Betting Really Legal?

Well, although sports betting has been made legal, there are a few states which still restrict the wagers made on various sports events.

There are namely five states where sports betting is made legal namely Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

On the other hand, places such as Delaware and Rhode Island do not allow bets on in-state college teams. And the same is the case with New Jersey.

But, the state has a provision which allows bets on multi-site collegiate tournaments as long as the games are played outside New Jersey.

Furthermore, the District in Columbia has also permitted sports betting, but does not specify anything about college sports although the law is not yet put into effect.

In the parts of Washington, the law permits sportsbooks at stadiums and arenas. Also, Ted Leonis, a popular American businessman and investor supported sports gambling by coming up with a sports bar in the arena which later would be transformed into a sportsbook.

What’s Cooking?

The various operators of the sportsbooks are all super-excited about their business. The Mississippi fans associated with the Beau Rivage Casino in Biloxi are all thrilled as they can now bet on the Mississippi State which include the Mississippi men’s teams and the Mississippi State women team as well who are geared up to host the first and second round games. Earlier, the sportsbook did not offer bets on regular-season womens’ games.

“Absolutely, it’s a positive,” Will Hall, manager of the Beau Rivage sportsbook, said about having local teams in the tournament.

He also added that “I’ll tell you what else is going to be a big draw is the LSU men’s team. They’re extremely popular down here. I think next year with our exposure and stuff that we’ll get this year, it’ll be over the top.”