KK Partizan have won their 9th consecutive domestic (Serbian and Serbian & Montenegrin) championship after KK Hemofarm decided not to play the third game of the finals series. Read the announcement by Hemofarm.

KK Hemofarm STADA does not support violence at sporting events, but strongly condemn them. We are sincerely disappointed with what happened in the second final of Super League play-offs in “Millennium” arena and the team’s management, along with the coaching staff and players, decided that they will abstain from the third match in Belgrade.

We have decided this, primarily for security reasons and incidents inappropriate to a sporting event, as well as the uneven criteria of the refereeing in games between Partizan and Hemofarm STADA, which leads to unnecessary tension in the games venues, and thus to the unfortunate events such as last night’s.
We are aware of the responsibility of this decision, but we believe that in this environment we do not have equal conditions for winning the championship title.