ZalgirisIn the MasterCard BBL final Zalgiris Kaunas led by Marcus Brown and Tadas Klimavicius has won the thriller against Lietuvos Rytas Vilnius 66:73 and took home the trophy.

The game was opened by Vidas Ginevicius three pointer (3:0). But later Zalgiris answered with a two pointer (3:2). Next on  the play was even (5:5),but then Martynas Gecevicius scored a two pointer (7:5). In the middle of this quarter the result was even again (9:9), both teams showed desire to win. Travis Watson scored a two pointer and result was 9:11 up by Zalgiris. But later Steponas Babrauskas  nailed a two pinter with a foul and result was good for Lietuvos rytas (12:11).  until the end of this quarter Lietuvos rytas was able to hold the lead  – 18:14.

In the second quarter the play was persistent only first minutes. Lietuvos rytas was in front for most of the time. Zalgiris had some problems with the deffence , so Lietuvos rytas has made a run and after couple minutes got a double digit advantage – 26:16. Lietuvos rytas players were “on fire”, so, in the middle of this quarter the result was 30:16.  Lietuvos rytas did not let Zalgiris to come closer until big break – 46:32.

In the third quarter Zalgiris showed character. Kaunas team  has made a run and was able come back to this game (46:40, 8min.). Marcus Brown scored a three pointer and result was 46:43 up by Lietuvos rytas. Tadas Klimavicius scored another three pointer for Zalgiris (48:46). After three point shot made by Aleksadr Capin,  Zalgiris was in front  – 48:49. Lietuvos rytas recovered their lead in the middle of this quarter – 52:49. Until the end of this quarter the fight was hot – 58:57  up by Lietuvos rytas.

The last quarter was very dramatic and different very slippery. In the middle of this quarter Zalgiris got a small lead 61:62. Dainius Salenga added a two pointer and Zalgiris was in front 61:64. Then Lietuvos rytas asked for time out. It not helped, because Zalgiris scored another points – 61:66 (2min.). Tadas Klimavicius added a three pointer  – 63:69. Klimavicius scored another two pointer and zalgiris got  a good situation  – 63:71 (1min). In the last minutes Lietuvos rytas did not  change the game scenario – 66:73.