David Blatt Olympiacos
Photo: Olympiacos Piraeus

Olympiacos head coach David Blatt referred to the officiating of the Greek Cup semi-final against Panathinaikos in February, which caused a lot of turbulence in the “Reds”.

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Here is what the experienced coach said in the post-game press conference of the match against PAOK on Saturday (13/04), when asked about the three referees that officiated that game:

“Anyone who knows about basketball and who is a bit objective would see that what was done in that game was absolutely incredible. That’s what I never have seen in my life, ever.

And I hope that I will not see it again. Shameful. Ugly.Terrible. So, whether or not they called our games or not. That stuff sits on my mind. That was disgraceful, honestly.”

Olympiacos was deducted two points for its decision to forfeit that game.

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