Derrick Williams Bayern Munich
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

In an interview with theSüddeutsche Zeitung, the CEO of Bayern Munich, Marko Pesic, addressed the rumours regarding Derrick Williams and his future in the German team.

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Here is what the executive of Bayern said:

On the interest of the top European teams to sign Williams: “I read and laughed. We’ll let him play for now, but sure, we keep talking.

If he doesn’t go to the NBA and has the desire to return to Europe, we will strive for him and give our maximum. But if he stays there and we look for another Derrick, I’m sure that Derrick will tell the other one to come to us. That’s important, too.

There is always a chance. We will see how it develops. You can tell, however, that he feels very well here.”

On the Bavarians’ goals next season: “We have two teams and four more games in the Euroleague next season. Therefore, we plan to have more depth in small and big positions. We will improve the squad.

In addition, the goal must be for the current players to take a step forward. If you get a Maodo Lo for two years, you should see a difference in quality in the second.”

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