Twitter/San Antonio Spurs
Photo: Twitter/San Antonio Spurs

In an interview with Forbes, Tony Parker talked about the possibility of an NBA Europe tournament as well as ASVEL Villeurbanne competing in the EuroLeague next season.

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Here is what the four-time NBA Champion said:

On the possible creation of NBA Europe: “Hopefully the discussion will go forward with the NBA. Maybe one day we will have an NBA Europe.

Or something like that. Maybe not a European team playing in the NBA but maybe an NBA Europe where you’ll have an own division and then the winners can play in the U.S.

I think that in the NBA they are very interested in the prospect of doing something in Europe. Basketball in Europe is growing every year and is getting better and better.” 

On his team, ASVEL Villeurbanne (Parker is the owner of the cub), returning to the EuroLeague next season:

“We are going to finally play against the best teams in Europe. When you invest in a team that the goal is to play in the best league.

I’m so excited for the fans for our city and for our country to play against the best teams. Like Barcelona and Real Madrid.”

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