Photo: San Antonio Spurs/YouTube screenshot

Following a winless start in the first four games of the current EuroLeague Regular Season and holding a 4-3 record in the LNB, placing them in the 7th position in the domestic league standings, ASVEL opted for a coaching change by parting ways with TJ Parker.

ASVEL’s president, Tony Parker, shared insights into his brother’s departure in an interview with Le Progres.

“It was time for a change,” Parker said. “We got it with a disastrous result, there were unacceptable defeats. I am a patient person. I decided to part ways with [Zvezdan] Mitrovic after a year and a half, the players did not want to play for him anymore. This is not the case here.

“All the players were behind TJ [Parker]. But the decision is mine. We need an electric shock, a new vision, a new coach. The team cannot show its potential. Chemistry doesn’t sit well. It was time to change to save the season. 

“We have a talented squad, we just need someone to be at the wheel. I still believe in this team. Many players have not been able to play at their normal level since the beginning of the season.”