ImageThis round saw another show by Tau Vitoria, who is currently the best team in the league by far. Alongside, Unicaja and Gran Canaria also got nice wins, and Real Madrid seem to have forgotten all their problems.

Some things to pay attention to:

Not a surprise at all, but a great new, the fantastic win for Fuenlabrada, scoring more than one hundred points with seven players (!!) having the flu. Brad Oleson and Saúl Blanco are arguably the most exciting couple of combo guards in the league, and they are giving great games to their team. Even Nikoloz Tskitishvili seems to be recovered for this sport, and scored seventeen fantastic points.

In Zaragoza, a classic game was played again after some years. Cai faced Real Madrid in a match that was solved in the last quarter, thanks to a great game of Felipe Reyes, Bullock and Raül López. On the other side, twenty-two points by Quinteros weren't enough to give his team the win.

A thriller was played in Gran Canaria. Local team, Kalise, needed two extra-times to beat last team of the league, Cajasol, with their new boss, Pedro Martínez, former coach in Gran Canaria. A great game by shape-shooters Melvin Sanders and Carl English helped to keep the win at home, so Kalise is still the third team in the league. Ty Ellis and Savanovic didn't manage to get the win for Cajasol, but at least the team is showing good improvement with the new coach.

Luke Recker was almost perfect shooting to get twenty-three points and take the win from Murcia to Bilbao. Javi Salgado gave eight assists and was the best playmaker for his team. This time Chris Thomas was the leader of his team.

In Valencia, Tau Vitoria played another fantasy game. It's funny to see how some coaches only worked in some places, and it's clear that Dusko Ivanovic feels like being at home when he works for vitorian team. And if you have players lile Tiago Splitter, Igor Rakocevic and Pete Mickeal (fully recovered from his injury), it's all easier. Not to mention Mirza Teletovic, who is going to be the best forward in Europe within few seasons. Kosta Perovic didn't play as good as he did in last games, and bad percenteages by Pamesa didn't help to beat this fantastic team.

Granada is being one of the surprises in the league. Probably, Curtis Borchardt could be the best center in the league if he was healthy enough to play at least thirty games per season. He can score, he can defend, rebound, he's tall, strong… He have everything to succeed, but he's like made of cristal. If he can keep away from injuries, Granada will perform a good season. Filip Videnov scored seven three.pointers, but you need more luck to win in Barcelona. Navarro, Ilyasova and Grimau were the leaders of their team.

Unicaja finally overcome Estudiantes in te final minutes of the game played in Madrid. Playing without seven Cabezas, Berni, Germán and Haislip, and with the new player Paul Shirley, the team of Aíto managed to get the win. Omar Cook is playing really well, being the only point guard in the team with thiry-three minutes played, and together with Gomis and Kelati, they left Pancho Jasen and Tom Wideman's effort in nothing.

In Menorca, very important win for local team against a direct rival. Great game by classic Bud Eley, Marino Bazdaric and small point guard Pooh Jeter. Asselin and Bulfoni couldn't score easily, and this way their team failed in their visit.


Alta Gestión Fuenlabrada108-75Bruesa GBC
Cai Zaragoza79-90Real Madrid
Kalise Gran Canaria104-92Cajasol
CB Mrucia67-82Iurbentia Bilbao
Pamesa Valencia73-91Tau Vitoria
Regal FC Barçelona86-82CB Granada
MMT Estudiantes78-82Unicaja
ViveMenorca83-67Ricoh Manresa
* DKV Joventut didn't play this round