Big game in group D: Turk Telekom VS Aris BSA

ImageAris BSA visits Turkey in oder to play against Turk Telekom for the fourth playing-day of EuroCup's competition.

After having won the first three games, Aris BSA wants to expand his winning record and stay at the top of the group D of EuroCup's stages. The head coach of the “yellows”, mr Andrea Mazzon talked about the tomorrow's game:

“It is going to be a totally different game and we still have some physical problems, because Savvas Iliadis and Spencer Nelson are not fully ready for the game. However, the team has players with good condition, like Anton Gavel and Nikos Argyropoulos, so we cannot reach any decision about Iliadis' and Nelson's taking part in the game. As for Turk Telekom, they have a roster with high-level players and I hope that we will be able to respond to the difficulties of the game and clinch for the win.”

In addition, the Greek power forward, Nikos Barlos noticed:

“Turk Telekom is an athletic team and we have to control the rhythm of the game and to grab many rebounds in order to reach the win. Also, we have to be concentrated in the game, but the game will have some new elements due to the fact that two players of ours are going to play, in contrast to the previous game. We want to win the game and we have the quality to do so, but I have to admit that the Turkish team is a really tough team. Finally, budgets do not play basketball, but the concentration and the mentality a team has in its' game lead the team to the win.”

Finally, Keydren Clark stated for the game:

“It is going to be a tough game, because the environment there is really tough. We have some physical problems but we have to be ready for a battle in the courts. Turk Telekom is a team with players-weapons and I am sure that they also want to beat us in their home-court. As for Rodenick Blakney, if I want to be a player like he is, I have to try hard in order to win him.”